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Crime Comes to Harrisburg

Harrisburg Houses Accused Attempted Murderer

Of course, the city of Harrisburg cannot be blamed for having the man who was accused for trying to kill his girlfriend currently living there.  He has just been found in the city.  A couple of weeks ago, he shot his girlfriend in Salem Township who some days later was discovered in Harrisburg.  Anamarie Henderson, 27-years-old, was allegedly shot quite a few times, according to police.  At the time of the shooting, she had been asleep in her car on Aviation Lane, a little bit before 6am.  She woke up, left the car and was then shot.

The victim’s stepfather, Dwayne Schaming was the one her found Anamarie.  She was left lying in her driveway and thereafter taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.  She identified 44-year-old Darnell Redman, her boyfriend, as being her attacker.  He was taken into custody after the friend in Harrisburg whom he was visiting, called the police to let them know of the accused’s whereabouts.