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Great Art Possibilities in Schools

It’s only ever really been my oldest kid – Matthew, who is now 11 – who has ever taken any real interest in art. So Joanne and I were delighted when we heard about the extra capital being injected into the art program at the Downey School where he attends.  In fact, it’s probably one of the first things we’ve agreed on in months!

His art teacher – Shannon Lippy – just received $400 worth of sketchbooks that he believes might begin to reveal some of their hidden talents.  Just last week he actually WANTED to go to school (he had art that day) and I don’t recall any of my kids ever actually being enthusiastic in the mornings.  The teacher is encouraging the kids to really create something on their own and I know that has to be good for self-esteem building.  So this teacher is purchasing 200 sketchbooks for his grade, seventh and eighth grade.  The money came from the Harrisburg Schools Foundation; it’d be great if we see more such incentives in other creative endeavors like those in the realm of physical education, such as judo or martial arts. It’s a great way for boys to get out their frustrations in a positive way and I’m always up for that kind of thing.