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Touring in Harrisburg?

So while I had a great time in Manhattan, I did feel a bit guilty when I read in the local news about the attempt by Harrisburg officials to promote tourism in the area.  It’s true I’ve not lived in the region all that long, so maybe I should have had my vacation at home as it were and checked out stuff locally.  Still, Manhattan was so much fun.

This month for example there is going to be a tourism-promotion kick-off lunch at Skytop Lodge.  That in and of itself is quite a treat and, when I next get some time off I’m going to check it out.  I don’t necessarily need to go for the address by Susan Corbett that’s going to happen on March 25th, but I will spend some time there in the future, perhaps when my parents visit.  In fact, they keep saying they want to come see where I live but I don’t think any of us are embracing the prospect of us all sharing the same space, so the Skytop Lodge may be just the thing.

Fitted with a pool area, exercise room and business center, it is conveniently located at Route 39 North (not too near to me, but near enough) and has great reviews.  It has a spa, sauna and fitness center which is perfect for mom.  It’s also pretty near Harrisburg International Airport and very easy to access from there.  I think it will be the perfect place for mom and dad.  And then, I don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying my tourism out of my city!