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Hooray!!! No More Taxes!!

Finally some good financial news.  My job is a little bit unstable right now as there are rumors that around 20 percent of employees are going to be fired due to major company cutbacks.  I’m praying it’s not true and I’m busy looking for other work, but in the meantime, any good fiscal news is going to be very welcome by me.

So when I heard that in recent news, Gov. Tom Corbett signed a $27.7 billion no-new-taxes budget, I actually found myself cheering out loud!  No one was in the house; the kids are still with their mom and I was just enjoying a quiet evening in watching the TV.  It actually felt really good.

There is still going to be a slight escalation on spending for the 2012-13 fiscal year, but only 1 ½ percent and that apparently is going to be put towards debt (mainly), pensions and healthcare for the poor, as well as aiding in fiscal issues from this year.  In addition, there is an approved proposal of $50 million tax credit that is set out to assist students on low incomes get out of the state’s worst schools (which thankfully isn’t my kids as they are not in school in Harrisburg).  But still, it’s nice to know that Corbett is looking to help children in the region improve their chances through better education.