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Harrisburg Education Office Stays Put

Renovated Greystone Building Helps Harrisburg Employees

In an effort to keep Harrisburg employees working at the Regional Office of Education, in Harrisburg, the Greystone Building – situated in TIF – is undergoing a renovation.  For this work, a funding cut of $56,000 is being given along with work-without-pay from Regional Superintendent Larry Fillingim.  This is happening on the directive of the governor and will ultimately hopefully be able to reduce expenditure while keeping current staff on the payroll.

Harrisburg was offered space from another county.  The city considered taking new accommodation for its regional staff to keep about 28 jobs in its area.  However, Mayor Eric Gregg chose the Greystone building which Harrisburg took back a few years ago when a purchase agreement was in default.

Architectural engineering company Walker and Associates has been selected to develop plans and be in charge of supervising building renovations.  The construction contract was handled by H.E. Mitchell Construction, and authorized by the council with expenditure caps.