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Harrisburg’s 39th Marathon

It was a day of cheer for all, at Harrisburg’s 39th Marathon. Whether running or spectating and supporting, everyone had a good time on Sunday.  Pennsylvania’s Tom Lipsie (the winner) enjoyed the Harrisburg street band No Last Call’s old-school tunes, as he sped through the banner at the end of the run.  No Last Call is the city’s first and only street band so it was quite fitting that it was there to play.

The 44-year-old winner certainly had a smile on his face but that could have been because he was happy he came in first yet again, rather than just listening to the band!  He did a great job though, coming in at 2:40:17.10, having run 26.2 miles.  It’s not the first time Lipsie has won the Harrisburg marathon – it was his ninth – but still, each win has to be exciting.  He spoke about his win and his strategy of pacing himself. But at the end of the day – or the end of the Marathon – he just loves to run.  Whenever you enjoy doing something it sure makes it easier.

Female runner Jolene Collins did pretty good too.  She said it was peer pressure that encouraged her.  But it is also something pretty akin to her whole being since she spends part of her time as an assistant cross country coach at Palmyra.  Although for Collins, it was her first ever marathon.  In a professional capacity, she works as a food scientist for Hershey Foods Company.

No matter what their reasoning, or their experience, all runners in the Harrisburg 39th Marathon should be congratulated for their great work and dedication, making it a real fun day for all who showed up in the city to enjoy the festivities and feed off the adrenalin.