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TV Update

So what’s going to be tonight with my football game?  Remember I was recently talking about the possible cancellation of some of my favorite Harrisburg TV stations, most notably the football ones? Well, there is an update.  And tonight is the game.  And I’m not exactly happy.  There won’t be a game screened on my channel due to a financial tiff!  Verizon FiOS and CBS-affiliated stations are going at it and the situation is not looking pretty. And it’s certainly not looking good for me and other Harrisburg football fans counting on a nice night in watching the game and eating hot dogs.

But it seems like I’m not the only one who is going to be disappointed tonight.  A staggering 30,000 people are subscribed to FiOS and they will all be losing out.  It’s already WHP-TV and a couple of other channels that we’ve not been able to watch since Friday.  Well, this camper is NOT happy about that.  I hope something changes soon, they get over their financial disagreements and bring back my football TV.