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My TV Stations

I was a bit disappointed to discover yesterday that two of my favorite Harrisburg TV stations might be slashed from Verizon’s FiOS network by the end of this week!  Apparently they need to renegotiate their re-transmission agreement by then, or they’re out.  This certainly does not make me happy as if it goes ahead, it will mean I won’t be able to watch my NFL playoff game over the weekend.  Given that this weekend the kids are with Joanne, it will just be one more thing to add to my misery.  I really do hope FiOS makes the right move and a renegotiation happens.

There are other shows on these stations such as “The Mentalist” and “The Vampire Diaries” that a lot of my coworkers watch but I’m not so interested in.  It’s the football that I need – I have been looking forward to my playoff games between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots ever since last Sunday!

Still, there is a chance I’ll be going out with Marjorie again over the weekend.  It’s going okay; she just has to see if she can get a babysitter for her two girls.