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Taking in Some Culture

And Perhaps Giving Something Back?

Yesterday morning as I was reading the Harrisburg Magazine, I was considering what to do with the rest of my weekend.  Friday and Saturday had been good but I didn’t welcome the idea of just sitting around in my lonely apartment the night before heading back to work with a microwave meal for one.  So I decided to check out one of the museums I keep reading about in Harrisburg.

I took the plunge, didn’t procrastinate, got up and found myself at The State Museum of Pennsylvania so that I could find out a bit more about the entire state of Pennsylvania and its heritage.  Truthfully I don’t think I’d ever studied this subject – our American history lessons back in school weren’t exactly memorable – so since having been given all this extra time on my hands, it’s the perfect opportunity.

I was shocked that I found it pretty interesting!  I’d never exactly been the best History student at school but there you have it; perhaps a leopard can change its spots.  I saw some cool exhibits spanning geologic time all the way to the Native American experience, revolutionary beginnings and more. I also got a lot more information on the Civil War battleground via the industrial age, which I don’t think I knew anything at all about before.  It seemed to be that the museum is insinuating that “Pennsylvania’s story is America’s story,” so that made me feel like a pretty proud Pennsylvanian.

After my tour, I looked around some more and considered the possibility of – on those all too lonely long weekends – volunteering as part of the State Museum’s Volunteer Corps.  I could get to know a lot more about American history (and pass that onto my kids) and feel good about actually doing something for my new community.  I’ve not volunteered in years; this could be just what my self-esteem needs after the divorce.

So I asked around and it seems I have four options: I could get involved with educational programs and tours (that would require a fair amount of training); work on the events and hospitality sector (I can’t really see that being my thing) find out more about special projects (a possibility) or work in the State Museum Store (I think that appeals the most).  So it’s definitely something I intend to look into.  Anyway hope your first day back at the work week starts off on a positive spin.