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Brown Wilson Goes Down

Even government officials are not immune from breaking the law.  This was definitely the case with Susan Brown Wilson, a councilwoman from Harrisburg.  She has been accused of not paying her court fines amounting to hundreds of dollars.  Brown Wilson was thus confronted by Harrisburg state constable Shotzberger last week.

Councilwoman Dodges Taxes

According to the court documents that were recently brought to light, councilwoman Brown Wilson did not file earned income taxes for the years 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2008. Part of these monies go directly to Harrisburg.  While she did actually settle these a few months ago, the fines associated with late payment remain unpaid.  Apparently she was on a payment plan, but details are not yet known.  According to Capital Area Constables Association spokesman, William Stoeffler, as far as he knew, “one payment had been made, and no subsequent payments came after that.”  While Brown Wilson was recently confronted by the Harrisburg state constable in person, this was not before other – less confrontational methods – had been attempted.  She was contacted by mail and notice was also left at her residence.

It seems that Brown Wilson’s current debt to the city of Harrisburg totals $581.25.