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Crime Comes to Harrisburg

Harrisburg Houses Accused Attempted Murderer

Of course, the city of Harrisburg cannot be blamed for having the man who was accused for trying to kill his girlfriend currently living there.  He has just been found in the city.  A couple of weeks ago, he shot his girlfriend in Salem Township who some days later was discovered in Harrisburg.  Anamarie Henderson, 27-years-old, was allegedly shot quite a few times, according to police.  At the time of the shooting, she had been asleep in her car on Aviation Lane, a little bit before 6am.  She woke up, left the car and was then shot.

The victim’s stepfather, Dwayne Schaming was the one her found Anamarie.  She was left lying in her driveway and thereafter taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.  She identified 44-year-old Darnell Redman, her boyfriend, as being her attacker.  He was taken into custody after the friend in Harrisburg whom he was visiting, called the police to let them know of the accused’s whereabouts.

Harrisburg Bike Riders Cycle for a Cause

There will be many cyclists who will join together to try to raise money for a good cause.  Bike riders will begin their trail from Harrisburg’s State Capitol and ride all the way to Gettysburg’s Battlefield Harley Davidson.  The aim of the ride is to raise funds for the repair and maintenance of importance Gettysburg monuments.  During the ride, food and entertainment will be provided to the cyclists as a way of saying thank you.

According to an article in Fox News, the ride is being organized by the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Education (A.B.A.T.E.) along with State Representative Harry Readshaw and has so far raised $95,000 for the cause.  All the money raised will be given to the Pennsylvania Monuments Endowment Fund.

Harrisburg Education Office Stays Put

Renovated Greystone Building Helps Harrisburg Employees

In an effort to keep Harrisburg employees working at the Regional Office of Education, in Harrisburg, the Greystone Building – situated in TIF – is undergoing a renovation.  For this work, a funding cut of $56,000 is being given along with work-without-pay from Regional Superintendent Larry Fillingim.  This is happening on the directive of the governor and will ultimately hopefully be able to reduce expenditure while keeping current staff on the payroll.

Harrisburg was offered space from another county.  The city considered taking new accommodation for its regional staff to keep about 28 jobs in its area.  However, Mayor Eric Gregg chose the Greystone building which Harrisburg took back a few years ago when a purchase agreement was in default.

Architectural engineering company Walker and Associates has been selected to develop plans and be in charge of supervising building renovations.  The construction contract was handled by H.E. Mitchell Construction, and authorized by the council with expenditure caps.

Harrisburg Education System Gets Green Thumbs Up

Instead of just learning the theory behind gardens and plants, a local elementary school in the Harrisburg region is going to be able to actually get their fingers green and take their studying outside into the garden.  As part of the Delta Garden Study program, students from Harrisburg Middle School will be forming an understanding of exactly how plants are grown, through their outdoor science class on a twice weekly basis.

School-Grown Harrisburg Veggies

So the students will be planting a whole slew of different vegetables during their science class, including broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage.  As well, they will be responsible for all the necessary maintenance such as the chicken coop.  Clearly this has been working a treat and the kids are really taking it seriously as they have already named the chickens!  It’s likely that the students will take this to the next step and develop healthy eating habits as well.  So while they’re getting an education, at the same time they’re developing healthier eating habits and getting a bit of a physical workout too!  It’s so  much more than play time; it’s a whole new approach to life, learning and exercise.

Harrisburg Middle School is hosting “dig day” on October 14th, where students take part in expanding the garden by two-thirds.

Apple Picking in Harrisburg

It was that time of year again when Harrisburg residents got to go pick their apples close to home.  And what great ones there seem to be in Harrisburg right now, arriving just in time for the city’s 13th annual Apple Fest.  Last weekend there was so much more than just apple-picking fun.  Engage in this fun family activity on a tractor wagon ride or horse-drawn hayride.  And for those who have filled their baskets to the brim with apples, they were able to send their kids out to enjoy a pony ride, or a train ride especially tailored for little ones.  For those with boundless energy, the inflatable playground no doubt exhausted them and the artistic kids were able to enjoy some face painting. The Apple Fest is truly so much more than an apple-picking fete; it’s fun for everyone.

So that was what was going on in the city Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th, located three miles south of Sioux Falls on Minnesota Avenue.  If you missed it this year, be sure to check it out next year; it really is a fun thing to do.

Relax with Some Laughter at Harrisburg’s Comedy Central

Following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Lee flooding, things do seem to finally be getting back to normal in the Harrisburg region.  So it might be a good time to take in some comedy.  Check out Comedy Central over the weekend as Tony Boswell, esteemed writer, stand up and actor, will be performing.

Boswell has an impressive resume.  To date, he has performed at The Boston Comedy Festival and on Comedy Central, KSHB’s Kansas City Comedy Hour, the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the New Orleans’ Comedy Festival, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, Night Shift, Comedy on the Road, and in two movies (The Babe, and Meet the Parents).

Boswell’s performance is rib-tickling, sarcastic, intelligent and, most importantly, enjoyable.  He is popular and good-natured with his audience and it really is a not-to-be missed show for Harrisburg residents who need a laugh.

Tropical Storm Lee Flooding

Finally it looks like Harrisburg residents will be able to go home.  Following the Tropical Storm Lee flooding, tens of thousands of the residents who were evacuated at the time were told it was safe for them to return home, last Saturday.   At the time it was such a tough flood, reports claimed that it was the worst in nearly 40 years, since Hurricane Agnes.

Evacuees Return Home

Before the notice came for these individuals to return home, the evacuation order was lifted in northeastern Pennsylvania for up to 60,000 (of the 70,000 residents) in and around Wilkes-Barre to return home.  The Susquehanna River’s level was receding during this time.  Thereafter, more were given the go-ahead on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Deaths from Flooding

According to Gov. Tom Corbett, there have been at least seven deaths resulting from the storm.  As well, around five deaths were said to be “storm-related.”  However, good news is finally in sight as Corbett said at a Harrisburg news conference, “it appears no that the worst of the flooding is over.”  He has requested President Obama declare a “major disaster in the flooded counties.”

Other Damage

Along with the deaths, there have been other issues that have arisen as a result of the flood.  Finally, things have taken their toll.  Indeed, Stephen Bekanich, Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency Director, estimated damage to be in the tens of millions.  Harrisburg is still experiencing problems due to the falling river.  Officials are still attempting to restore power while crews attempted to repair damage from the storm.

Impact on Harrisburg

Given that there are various roadways closed in the region, this will impact the people of Harrisburg as well.  The city’s mayor assured that power will be restored to city residents.  Still, around 2,300 residences “remained without power.”  But Harrisburg residents can be assured that water will be sent to them – 800,000 gallons of fresh water per day to American Water will be “distributed to metropolitan and suburban areas where fresh water was in short supply. City reservoir water levels remain high and were not affected by the flood.”

Slowly, things are returning to normal for Harrisburg residents.  It’s going to take time, but the city and its officials are taking care of things following Tropical Storm Lee and its repercussions.

Who Won the Kipona Chili Cook Off?

Kipona Festival Fun

Harrisburg could take pride in their chili experts since it was resident Doug Johnson who took first place for best chili at the Kipona festival last Saturday. Thankfully the weather held out and fun has been had by all so far. According to Mayor Linda Thompson, “the reason [Kipona is so successful is the camaraderie of the people and the different varieties of entertainment and activities we have.” She even went so far as to call it one of the region’s “premiere events of the year.”

But what really seems to attract people to the event is the Keystone Regional Chili Cook-Off. Indeed, as Dawson Flinchbaugh, the event’s organizer said, “chili’s a pure American food. Chili equates with a good time. You have a good party and the people will come.”

But there was more than just a competition for good chili going on. At the Kipona Artfest there were 150 artists and artisans who had come from all around the world. Those interested were just required to pay $5 to look and purchase some of the great works available. In addition, there was a karate tournament, the Native American Pow Wow Festival which included a group of Aztec dancers from Mexico city performing.

Harrisburg Fights Against Cancer

In a couple of weeks’ time, Harrisburg will be privy to its second yearly 2 mile walk/run. On September 18, the “Turn Up the Volume on Ovarian Cancer,” will be commencing at 1 HACC Drive, where the Harrisburg Area Community College is. It will commence at 2pm with registration beginning an hour before. At the event, snacks and refreshments will be available along with children’s activities and raffles.

For those who wish to register earlier, visit: www.turnupthevolumeonovariancancer.com and to receive a free T-shirt, sign up fast as that will be the prize for the first 300 pre-registers. For those who want to, they are being encouraged to bring along photos of loved ones that can be posted on the event’s ovarian cancer survivor or memory board. All the money raised from the event will be put towards ovarian cancer research.