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Korea Comes to Manhattan

Shimmie Horn

Dining at Gaonnuri by Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler

I’d decided a couple of weeks back that I really needed a vacation so that was why I found myself in Manhattan.  Actually it was the boss.  He told me that I was getting really burnt out and that I had to get out of my everyday routine for a bit.  He suggested I actually go somewhere and treat myself rather than just take time off.  So I decided to splurge and was glad I did so!  I ended up luxuriating in Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler at East 31st Street.  I figured that if I was going to take this vacation (something I’ve not done in many years) I may as well go all the way.  And boy was I pleased when I arrived there!

After a couple of hours of relaxing and enjoying the hotel mellow atmoshere, it was time to explore the area and find a cool place to eat. I’d recently read a review about Gaonnuri – a great Korean restaurant that offers stunning views of Manhattan.  What’s wild about it is that it feels like it’s anywhere but Manhattan!  Which I guess is quite fitting since Gaonnuri means “center of the world.”  That was one of the reasons I wanted to check it out actually. I’ve always loved Korean food, but if a restaurant feels like it is the “center of the world” then either it really is and the food is fabulous or the owner is just obnoxious.

So I went to see for myself.  And I was not one bit disappointed.  It has great modern décor, with the entryway being a bit like a boutique hotel lobby (which was what I was enjoying at Shimmie Horn’s hotel some moments earlier), so you immediately relax.  But truthfully as soon as I got seated, I was too distracted by the views to notice anything else.  It is regular Korean food (a bit westernized I guess) and  even though I wouldn’t quite call it the center of the world, it’s probably got a bit of east, west and everything else in between mixed into it. So I do understand its name.  Overall when I went back to my hotel that night, I was extremely satiated, both physically and mentally.  And I still had three days left of my vacation to plan!

Champion Medical Care

HMCFor the fourth consecutive year, the Harrisburg Medical Center (HMC) was awarded the Hospital Provider of Choice in recognition for it becoming a “market leader for employee retention” as well as its track record on patient satisfaction and patient experience.

This is great news for us all – the people of Harrisburg are ultimately the major beneficiaries of such news.  HMC also received 11 service breakthrough awards for “overall achievement and significant improvement” vis-à-vis its patient survey scores.  Further, it was awarded for both individual and organizational performance along with being named the “hospital of choice” by patients.  And, as Jeff Smith, HMC’s Service Excellence Program Director (who also received an honor) pointed out, despite the fact that the city had been through challenging times – such as the flood – “we continue to thrive.”

Zarsha Leo Opens in Harrisburg

It’s true that there are a fair amount of bars in my locality.  I’ve always been a great fan of Ted’s Bar & Grill but I feel that there can never be enough places serving hot fries and tasty wings.  That’s why I was thrilled to learn that Evan Burschkopf is now opening a branch of his Zarsha Leo bar-restaurant and it’s just a walk away from my house!

Apart from the fact that this means I don’t have to worry about drinking and driving, it also gives me another venue to frequent.  “I am aware that Harrisburg does have similar type bars, but I feel that Zarsha Leo has an atmosphere with a difference.  Being a chain gives it that extra edge which is what I’m trying to market to potential new customers,” said Evan Burschkopf.