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Harrisburg Wellness Challenge


So it seems like Harrisburg is taking its health and wellness seriously.  I’m definitely not averse to that.  I for sure could do with losing a pound or two myself given the fact that I’ve consumed rather a few too many chicken wings at McGraths – which is now really my favorite hang out on the nights I’m going solo.  But given that we all try to make our New Year’s Resolutions center around weight loss and healthy eating, this latest endeavor is to be welcomed.

Initiated by CaféWellTM and HealthAmerica, “Race to the Moon” has been getting willing and eager participants walk 208 million steps in two months.  The program apparently officially began in the middle of October and to date, people have clocked in a staggering 89,000 miles (which – if you’re counting – would render you one-third of the way to the moon) but I’ve not joined in yet.  Although it is definitely something I want to get involved in and encourage my kids too do as well. Neither Joanne nor I have been particularly good about encouraging the kids to eat well and exercise regularly; it’s something we definitely have to work on.

There are another three months left of the program so I’m going to try to find out how I can get involved.  I heard that there is still room for newcomers and we’ll get a free pedometer too!  And there are prizes involved too!  Now, if there is something that will push my kids to do something, it is prizes. So that’s my next task – to find out more.