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Harrisburg Gets Healthy

It seems that now is as good a time as any for Harrisburg residents to start battling the weight.  Alongside Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Harrisburg city is accepting the nationwide challenge to get fit which is good news since according to a Pennsylvania Department of Health report, there is an escalating trend towards childhood obesity in Harrisburg as well as the whole state of Pennsylvania.

The Summer of Fun

The new program has been called the Summer of Fun.  Set out by Linda D. Thompson, the city’s Mayor, it is going to be an all-compassing program covering health, wellness and recreation.  The aim is to also bring about awareness and education for the community at large.  But it’s great that it is starting in the summer as this type of recreation is perfect for hot, lazy, summer days.

Harrisburg Kids Get Moving

Getting kids to get moving is a great idea, especially right now and especially for Harrisburg.  According to statistics compiled by Dr. Thomas Loughran from Penn State Milton Hershey Cancer Institute, it is now being shown that today, over 20 percent of high school kids are now considered obese.

In Harrisburg, the childhood obesity statistics are even worse. In addition to more than 20 percent of high school kids, 18 percent of elementary students are considered obese, according to Dr. Thomas Loughran, of Penn State Milton Hershey Cancer Institute. “These incidents are higher than any other county, any other part of Pennsylvania, and also higher than the national average,” he says.

For more information on this initiative, call 717-255-3040 or visit: www.harrisburgpa.gov