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Korea Comes to Manhattan

Shimmie Horn

Dining at Gaonnuri by Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler

I’d decided a couple of weeks back that I really needed a vacation so that was why I found myself in Manhattan.  Actually it was the boss.  He told me that I was getting really burnt out and that I had to get out of my everyday routine for a bit.  He suggested I actually go somewhere and treat myself rather than just take time off.  So I decided to splurge and was glad I did so!  I ended up luxuriating in Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler at East 31st Street.  I figured that if I was going to take this vacation (something I’ve not done in many years) I may as well go all the way.  And boy was I pleased when I arrived there!

After a couple of hours of relaxing and enjoying the hotel mellow atmoshere, it was time to explore the area and find a cool place to eat. I’d recently read a review about Gaonnuri – a great Korean restaurant that offers stunning views of Manhattan.  What’s wild about it is that it feels like it’s anywhere but Manhattan!  Which I guess is quite fitting since Gaonnuri means “center of the world.”  That was one of the reasons I wanted to check it out actually. I’ve always loved Korean food, but if a restaurant feels like it is the “center of the world” then either it really is and the food is fabulous or the owner is just obnoxious.

So I went to see for myself.  And I was not one bit disappointed.  It has great modern décor, with the entryway being a bit like a boutique hotel lobby (which was what I was enjoying at Shimmie Horn’s hotel some moments earlier), so you immediately relax.  But truthfully as soon as I got seated, I was too distracted by the views to notice anything else.  It is regular Korean food (a bit westernized I guess) and  even though I wouldn’t quite call it the center of the world, it’s probably got a bit of east, west and everything else in between mixed into it. So I do understand its name.  Overall when I went back to my hotel that night, I was extremely satiated, both physically and mentally.  And I still had three days left of my vacation to plan!